A Open World Ever-Changing Zombie Survival Game...

About Fear The Wild


Fear The Wild is a game set in the year 2020 after a viral plague has either killed off or mutated most of the population. There is no cure for this deadly infection. Some of those who have been infected by the virus have mutated into flesh-eating zombies. Players experience the life of a survivor, rebuilding civilization in this new world!

Players are given the chance to explore what’s left of North America, starting a few months after the infection, roaming the streets of Banff or Barrie where they face constantly changing brutal weather patterns such as severe snow storms, or the deserts of Las Vegas where the heat can be deadly. While players progress nature will slowly reclaim the cities, roads and buildings, trees fall blocking roads requiring survivors to clear them or find alternative routes. Over time wildlife will start to roam the cities, turning the cities into metropolitan forests, the map will go dark as the power grid dies off and town water runs dry. Players must adapt to these situations and work together or die.

Find what supplies you can to set up a base, or build one to call your home. Reinforce your base to protect it from the infected. Grow your community or live alone. Gather what supplies you can salvage from the abandoned buildings. Grow or hunt for food in the vast wilderness. Build your base and customize it however you want, and even have multiple outposts around the map for lengthy scavenger runs.

While there are other zombie games, we hope to bring a game that players can enjoy, with systems not seen in many games. These systems can be our electrical, or the decay systems, or our weather and time systems. We also want to feature a vast open world that gives the players the feeling that they need to prepare for long journeys as they would in real life. We are a studio that is heavily driven by community feedback and love hearing on how we can make the game better for all players.

Stay Tuned for more information!!

Rest Assured, that while you don't see anything going on in the front end, there is plenty going on in the back end. The countdown will be added once we have a firm date for the reveal and the teaser videos.

In the meantime, feel free to join our discord here.

The Game was delayed due to lack of Funds. Though in the new year (2022), We have much more funds available to allow us to work on this game. We will also be looking to bring on new members to this team to help bring this game to life. Please Message me on Discord.

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