Coming Soon

Fear The Wild. An open world Heavy based survival zombie game based a few months after the infection started. Once this site opens, Information, Screenshots, Trailers, Crowdfunding and more will start. The set goal is Fall 2020. This will give us time to prepare much of land around the area, code, and related content to showcase for the Crowdfunding. More information coming soon! More info on the About Page **(We are aware of the COVID-19, and although it is bad, it gives us many ideas to add to the Game. While this may be a hard time, we try our best to keep Developing. Due to the Virus, there may be delays, but we will update if there are any major ones.)** (Update: The game is coming along nicely on both Code and Asset sides. We hope to get a Stable Official Release for the Crowdfunding date once more of the game is build around certain areas. Stay tuned for more updates) Small Delay due to personal Matters working a job on top of this to fund my bills.

    AAbout Us

    We are a Group of Gamers and Indie Developers trying to bring a game that everyone can enjoy. We know there are many Zombie games out there, but lets face it, many of those games are either good but lack features that make it fun to play for a long time, or are not that great or contain so many bugs that its not even playable. So our goal is to bring a game that is fun to play, and can play for weeks, all while bringing the best Graphics possible. A True Heavy Survival based game where you will be challenged tossed around and put all your skills to the test and even learn new ones. The main focus of this game is the Survival. While there are zombies, there will be features like radio stations, power grids that will die out, town water, and so much more to make it as real as possible. Spoiler: To make it fun for those who like playing hundreds to thousands of hours of gameplay, your skills will be tested and you will face new issues and threats along the way!